Retrospec FR High-Density EPP Round Foam Roller


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Retrospec’s muscle rollers are easy to manipulate and properly place underneath your body, so you can target problem areas more efficiently. You can also incorporate the muscle roller into your exercise routine and improve your core stabilization, balance, and posture. Stretching before and/or after exercising is just as important as exercising itself. Stretching decreases the risk of injury during working out. The firm but pliable resistance of Retrospec’s roller massager is suitable for young athletes and large adults alike. Its high-density foam ensures that it won’t lose its shape even after being used and abused for extended periods of time.

Extra-firm, high-density foam maintains shape, even with frequent use.
Retrospec’s foam roller applies a low-intensity force to soft tissue, relieving any lingering soreness and increases recovery time. Ideal for improving mobility, flexibility, and preventing muscle soreness.
Improve circulation and prevent injury by integrating the foam roller into your stretches before and after workouts. Foam rolling reduces tension and pain, improves posture, balance, and increases flexibility.
Ideal for all ages, beginner to advanced. Retrospec’s foam roller is an effective addition to any training, recovery, or wellness routine. Improve muscle mobility and prevent soreness before it starts.

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