Bike Repair Services

Bike Check Over

Bolt check, shift and brake adjustment.
Bike Basic Tune

Bolt check, shift and brake adjustment, true wheels & wipe down frame & wheels
Bike Deluxe Tune

Bolt check, adjust brakes, true wheels, adjust hubs, headset, and bottom bracket, clean drive train, and polish bike.
Bike Complete Overhaul

Strip the bike down to the frame, rebuild hubs, bottom bracket and headset, clean drive train, true wheels, adjust breaks (bleed as needed), tune drive train and polish bike.
Miscellaneous Bike Work by the Hour

We offer a full range of services for all types.
Install Bike Tube

In addition to the price of the tube.
True Wheel/Per Wheel

Align and tighten spokes and rim.
Register Bike with Boise City

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McU Sports Downtown Store has a year round bike repair shop for all your sporting needs.  Have you recently invested in a bike only to see the performance drop off dramatically within the first few weeks?  Regular maintenance is very important for your bike, especially in our hot, dry climate.  Come see our trained technicians to get your bike back to its peak performance.

McU Sports E-Bike Policy

Due to the increase in E-bike battery related property damage reported nationwide, McU Sports is enforcing a new policy regarding E-bike Batteries.

If you are bringing in an E-bike and plan on leaving the store you will need to take your battery with you. This is a non-negotiable policy. We will no longer allow E-bike batteries from bikes we do not sell staying overnight in our store.

If you are unable to remove the battery you can stay with your bike while we do a repair but we will not be able to work on the bike if you need to leave and cannot take the battery with you. We understand this may cause some of our customers an inconvenience. We are sorry for this, however for our stores own safety and the safety of our staff we are resolute in our decision.