Blackburn Core Mini Pump

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It’s all very well hauling a giant pump around, but all the leverage can snap a delicate valve stem right off. And you weren’t stressed to start with. Blackburn’s Core Mini Pump presta-only head sits on a short pull-out hose to give more options on where you pump from and fewer chances of your rippling muscles pulling the thing clean off. Blackburn wasn’t using that space in the barrel anyways, so the hose doesn’t even affect the pumps efficiency.

Faster Inflation
The mid-size barrel diameter allows for quicker inflation on MTB, CX and gravel bikes.

Presta Valve Tool
Get loose on the trail. You can if you want, but your valves shouldn’t. There’s a machined Presta valve core tool right in the pump’s base to keep everything snug.

Thread-On Design
Hold on tight. The thread-on Presta valve at the end of the extending flexible hose ensures that even the fiddliest of valves is held securely for inflation.

Compact Design
Is that a pump in your pocket? Fits easily into a jersey pocket, but also will nestle unobtrusively next to your bottle cage so you’ll never leave home without it.

Works with Presta, Schrader, & Dunlop valves
• 90 PSI
• 127g

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