Blackburn Mammoth Flip Mini-Pump


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Powerful enough to work on mountain tires, gravel tires or road tires for quick inflation. Just unfold the handle and footpeg and install the Anyvalve head onto your valve and simply inflate. Use the Airbleed button on the base to dial in your desired pressure without removing the pump. Get your ride back on track before anyone’s even noticed.

WEIGHT: 9.6 oz
FLIP OUT: Why make it any harder? Tire pumping is hard work. By resting one end of our mammoth flip pump on the ground, you’re no longer fighting against yourself and can use both hands to stabilize and work the fold-out pump handle.
FLEXIBLE HOSE: Don’t be a slave to the valve. The flexible hose lets you work on the bike whether upright or dead on the trail while the secure cam-lock head ensures no nasty blowing off when you least expect it.
T-HANDLE: Save your energy for the trails. The fold-out t-handle gives you maximum leverage for little effort.
ANYVALVE PUMP HEAD FOR ALL TIRE SIZES: Works great on any type of bicycle valve with the flick of a lever and fills all tire sizes easily. Make new friends by quickly inflating everything from fat bikes to gravel bikes. Or just hide it in your bag and keep quiet… Ahem.
AIR BLEED BUTTON: Air bleed button on the pump head to micro-adjust pressure.

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