Tecnica Cochise HV 120 DYN Ski Boots 2024-2025


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For over a decade now, the Cochise franchise has continuously raised the bar in the hybrid ski boot category. Bringing Tecnica’s proven fit-and-performance-above-all ethos to the walking world, the Cochise HV 120 is specifically designed for freeriders with higher-volume feet, and has all the gas you would expect from a 4-buckle alpine boot stamped with the Tecnica T combined with the versatility and walkability of a touring boot. The C.A.S. shell and liner provide for the best out-of-the-box fit and industry-leading customization capabilities for those whose feet might need a little more work, and a roomier 102mm last is perfect for wider feet. A reimagined T-Ride walk mechanism adapts the tried-and-true tech from Technica’s Zero G line to be more freeride-oriented for maximum downhill performance and exceptional walkability. Whether you’re slinging the sticks over your shoulder for a short boot up the ridge or setting out on an all-day mission, the Cochise HV 120 is the go-to boot for modern minded, advanced level freeride skiers who are looking for one boot to do it all in the resort and out in the backcountry.

Technical Specs
Customization Liner: Performance – Sustainable- PVC Free – C.A.S. – Celliant® – Floating Tongue – Fiberglass collar
Customization Shell: PU – Quick Instep
Soles: Grip Walk
Shell: PU – Quick Instep
Cuff: PP – Back Spine Carbon Co-injected
Forward Lean: 13°

The C.A.S. Shell has an anatomical shape that matches the shape of the foot. This allows for a better out-of-the box initial fit. The dimples on the shell offer less surface tension and facilitate heating, making customizing the shell easier. The shell retains the new shape better and longer.

Shell Features
Anatomic and precise shape
Easier and faster thermo-forming
Easy customization
Shell Customization
Punching (Increase Volume)
Only using Tecnica C.A.S. Pro tool system

C.A.S. Liner
C.A.S. has revolutionized ski boots with regards to fit and personalization. The liners are anatomically shaped for optimal comfort and offer great heel hold. The internal part of the liner is shaped to match the foot while the exterior matches and conforms to the shape of the shell. The dual density micro-cell material is durable and easy to customize. The C.A.S. liners are less prone to pack-out maintaining the fit over a longer period of time.

Liner Features
Anatomic and precise shape
Dual density pre-shaped thermoformed microcell material
Great out-of-the box fit
Enhanced sensitivity

Liner Customization
Liner in the oven: 80°C-176°F / 8 minutes.
Punching (Increase Volume)
Microcell material can be heated and punched in problem fit areas.
Grinding (Increase Volume)
Microcell material is easily grindable up to 2 mm in problem fit areas.
Fir Kit (Decrease Volume)
Glue the C.A.S. Fit Kit pre-shaped pieces to decrease the volume of the liner.

High Performance Walking System
The T-Ride system is fully integrated into the boot design. It’s a solid cuff-to-shell connection which delivers the perfect combination between downhill performance and uphill hiking ability.

Material Traciability Program
QR will provide a precise description of all the materials used in the production of the specidic ski-boot, allowing a more precise and consistent regeneration of those materials.
This will result in better quality and more possibility to reuse in new ski-boots production.

ECO Design
Old for New
The ability to obtain regenerated material with homogeneous and known mechanical characteristics will allow a wider use of them in the production on new ski-boots.

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 cm
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