Retrospec Weekender iSUP Electric Pump


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Take the hassle out of inflating and deflating your iSUP so you can save your energy for the fun part. Inflates in 2 stages in less than 10 minutes and deflates even faster. This pump features auto-stop functionality for the perfect inflation every time and includes nozzle attachments for compatibility with all Retrospec inflatables, exercise balls, and more.

Get to know your electric pump:
12V DC: Power Type
118in: Cord Length
39in: Hose Length
0 to 20 PSI: Pressure Range
One Size Fits All: Compatible with all Weekender iSUPs*
Auto-Stop: Stops inflating once desired PSI is reached

Easy-Read Digital Display
A preset pressure LCD screen allows you to easily set your desired PSI and keep track of progress while your board is being inflated.
Time Saver
This electric pump inflates and deflates. Just connect the hose to the pump’s inflation inlet or deflation outlet, connect the other end to the inflatable, select the pressure value if inflating, and press On.
Intelligent Pressure System
This electric pump plugs into your car’s 12V outlet. Then, all you need to do is set your desired pressure value, lock your pump into place, turn it on, and wait… go ahead and put on some sunscreen in the meantime.

Power Type: 12V DC
DC plug-in cord lengt: 118 in / 3M
Flex-Hose length: 39 in / 1M
Pressure Range: 0 to 20 PSI
Pressure Max: 20 PSI
Standby Mode: 2 minutes no use
Powering On/Off: Press/hold power button 3 seconds
Runtime – max: 20 min.
Min Cooling Time: 30 min
Motor: 2-stage: auto-switching low-pressure/high-volume / high-pressure/low-volume
Gaskets: 3 sizes: 1 factory installed (thinnest); 2 additional.
*Not compatible with Coaster Kayak

Additional information

Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 91.4400 × 40.6400 × 25.4000 cm
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