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McU Sports Downtown Store has a year round bike repair shop for all your sporting needs.  Have you recently invested in a bike only to see the performance drop off dramatically within the first few weeks?  Regular maintenance is very important for your bike, especially in our hot, dry climate.  Come see our trained technicians to get your bike back to its peak performance.

We also off other services like mitt and racket restringing.

Our shop also resoles Birkenstocks for that like new shoe without the break in process.

Come see us at 9th & Jefferson for all of your year-round service needs.

  • Bike Repair
    Bike Check Over

    Bolt check, shift and brake adjustment.

    Bike Basic Tune

    Bolt check, shift and brake adjustment, true wheels, and clean the drivetrain.

    Bike Full Tune

    Adjust brakes, clean drive train, true wheels, rebuild head set and bottom bracket, adjust and grease hubs, polish bike.

    Bike Complete Overhaul

    Strip the bike down and rebuild everything includes small parts.

    Miscellaneous Bike Work by the Hour

    We offer a full range of services for all types.

    Install Bike Tube

    In addition to the price of the tube.

    True Wheel/Per Wheel

    Align and tighten spokes and rim.

    Register Bike with Boise City

    Click here.

  • Birkenstock Repair Services
    Resole Only
    Resole and Cork Work
  • Racket Repair Services
    Racket Restring

    Based on the price of the string.

  • Mitt Restringing
    Baseball/Softball Mitt Restring
    Usually $10-$30 depending on type


Visit our Contact Us page.

For ski/board service/rental questions call: 208-336-2300

For bike service/rental questions call: 208-342-7734

For screenprint/embroidery help call: 208-342-7734