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17-18 Lease Packages

Leasing ski and snowboard equipment at McU Sports is a great idea for kids, adults and everyone in between.  Every lease package includes all the necessary gear to hit the slopes.  For SKIERS it includes skis, bindings and boots.  For BOARDERS it includes the board, bindings and boots.  Individual items are also available. Click here for “a la carte” pricing.  We also have packages for more aggressive junior skiers and twin tips as well.  You receive a free season tune card for the gear leased with us.  That means you can have your gear tuned and waxed as often as you like.  If the equipment doesn’t fit right during the season you can resize for free while supplies last.  A comfortable skier or boarder is a happy skier or boarder.  At the end of the season, return the gear to us and you are done, no further obligation.  Buyouts are also available at the end of the season. Click here for buyout pricing. Leasing only available at the Highland Store.

  • Junior Ski Packages

    Equipment examples

    Junior Sport/Performance Ski
    Junior Twin Tip Ski
    Jr. Performance Boot (L) | Jr. Sport Boot (R)

    Jr. Used Ski Package
    Jr. New Sport Package
    Jr. Used Performance Ski Package
    Jr. New Performance Ski Package
    Jr. Used Twin Tip Ski Package
    Jr. New Twin Tip Ski Package
  • Adult Ski Packages

    Equipment examples

    Adult Sport Ski
    Adult Twin Tip Ski
    Mens Boot (L) | Womens Boot (R)

    Adult Used Ski Package
    Adult New Ski Package
    Adult Used Performance Twin Tip Package
    Adult New Performance Twin Tip Package
  • Junior Snowboard Packages

    Equipment examples

    Junior Snowboard
    Junior Board Boot

    Jr. Used Snowboard Package
    Jr. New Snowboard Package
  • Adult Snowboard Package

    Equipment examples

    Mens Snowboard
    Womens Snowboard
    Adult Board Boot

    Adult Used Snowboard Package
    Adult New Snowboard Package

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