Salomon Men’s Sight Snowboard 2020-2021


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The Sight features a Cross Profile; Rocker and camber blend a perfect balance of edge control and forgiveness. The Aspen Strong Core brings this board above average with extra snap off jumps and heightened responsiveness while carving.

Stability: Cross Profile puts camber between the feet for better control, pop, and landings. While the rocker on tip/tail keeps the board afloat on fresh snow. 
Control: Quadratic Sidecut blends elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, and fluid edge to edge transitions. 
Dampening: 2mm Rubber blocks inserted into the high-pressure zones of the ABS Sidewalls dampen vibrations and reduce fatigue in all snow conditions 

Directional twin: A twin shape for freestyle moves with a directional flex for power at high-speed. Binding stance is set back from center slightly.
Cross Profile: Camber between the feet for better control, pop and landing stability. Rocker on tip & tail for effortless floatation forward and switch.
Aspen Strong: CNC-selected high-density wood strips for the inserts and rail zones results in improved impact resistance and a predictable flex from opening day to spring slush.


Board Profile: Cross Profile
Shape: Directional twin
Sidecut: Quadratic
Fiber: BA LD
Core Type: Aspen Strong
Base Material: Extruded
Base Finishing: Standard stone finish
Edge Finishing: Bite Free
Inserts: 4X2 Inserts
Suspension: Rubber Pads
Playfulness: 4/6
Precision: 4/6
Responsiveness/Pop: 3/6
Floatation: 4/6

Additional information

Weight 10.0000 lbs
Dimensions 167.6400 × 40.6400 × 12.7000 cm