Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard 2021-2022


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Turn up for the Dancehaul. This unisex board has a mountain of personality for every riding style. Extra width and a tapered directional shape transform ordinary to extraordinary with maximum agility in any snow scenario. Rock Out Camber with Popster Core and Ghost Basalt Stringers play as a reminder that freestyle can happen anywhere.

Agility: A tapered directional shape and radial sidecut paired with extra width makes this shorter board nimble and lively in and out of turns.
Float: Extra width and a longer nose allows for maximum float in deep snow.
Pop: Rock Out Camber and Popster Core with Ghost Basalt Stringers gives you snappy ollies and soft landings.

Radial: Created from a perfect circle, Radial is the classic sidecut for consistent response forward and switch.
Rock Out Camber: Flat between your bindings for stability, Camber near the feet for response and a rocker on the tip/tail for pressability.
Popster: Shaped woodcore profile with strategically placed variation of thickness. It maximizes the natural snap and powerful pop of wood. Feels like your skateboard kicktail finally connected with your snowboard.

Flex: Medium
Riding Level: Advanced – Expert|Intermediate – Advanced
Shape: Tapered Directional
Width: Wide
Floatation: 6/6
Playfulness: 6/6
Precision: 5/6
Responsiveness/Pop: 5/6
Snowboard Terrain: Powder
Core Type: Aspen SLCT
Base Finishing: Fine stone finish
Edge Finishing: All mountain EB
Inserts: 4×2 Inserts
Suspension: ABS

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 167.6400 × 40.6400 × 12.7000 cm