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Lease Equipment Return Program

Sun. Apr. 8 - Mon. Apr. 30

Location: Highland Store

WOW! What a great season! It’s hard to believe but the winter season is winding down and the weather is turning warm.  April 30th is the due date for your leased equipment. If you find yourself still enjoying the equipment past this date, just give us a call (208-336-2300) and we will happily extend your lease until you are finished.

If you are done with the equipment, please return it to our Ski Shop Location 2314 Bogus Basin Rd. If your equipment is not returned by May 15th (unless prior arrangements have been made) we will charge your credit card on file for the buyout price of the equipment.  If you have already returned your equipment, Rest assured we have you checked in.

One BIG Favor when returning equipment…..

Please return the equipment in clean condition.

Late season temperatures make ski area parking lots giant mud pits and gear can be very difficult and time consuming to clean.

We have 3 options for you upon return

Option 1: Renew & prepay before April 30th 2018

  • Save up to $25 off 2018/19 prices
  • 1st choice of gear in the fall
  • 1st 3 days of fall leasing are reserved for prepaid customers ONLY
  • We only make this offer ONE time per year so hurry in and don’t miss out!

Option 2: Buyout your 2017/18 equipment.

  • Did you Love your gear? If so, you can buy it out and it’s yours to keep!!
  • Don’t worry about the size, we have you covered!
    • Return your 2017/18 gear and pay for the buyout.
    • In the fall, we will issue you similar equipment, but the proper size for the next season!
    • Once you take the equipment in the fall it’s your equipment to keep.
    • If you’re happy with your 2017/18 equipment, buy it out now and keep the gear.
    • See Buyout prices for 2017/18 packages here.
    • You can buy just the skis or board or the boots if you’d like.  Call us for pricing on individual pieces.

Option 3: Simply return your 2017/18 gear

  • If you’re not ready to make a commitment to next season just bring the gear back before April 30th.