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17-18 Lease Packages

Sign up and pay for your 17-18 season lease by April 30th and receive 10% off this year’s price. ย Another added benefit of signing up early is we will open for leasing in the fall 3 days early just for the people that pre-paid in the spring to ensure you get first choice of used equipment. Stop by the Highland Store for more details.

  • Junior Ski Packages

    Equipment examples

    Junior Sport/Performance Ski
    Junior Twin Tip Ski
    Jr. Sport Boot (L) | Jr. Performance Boot (R)

    Jr. Used Ski Package
    Jr. New Sport Package
    Jr. Used Performance Ski Package
    Jr. New Performance Ski Package
    Jr. Used Twin Tip Ski Package
    Jr. New Twin Tip Ski Package
  • Adult Ski Packages

    Equipment examples

    Adult Sport Ski
    Adult Twin Tip Ski
    Mens Boot (L) | Womens Boot (R)

    Adult Used Ski Package
    Adult New Ski Package
    Adult Used Performance Twin Tip Package
    Adult New Performance Twin Tip Package
  • Junior Snowboard Packages

    Equipment examples

    Junior Snowboard
    Junior Board Boot

    Jr. Used Snowboard Package
    Jr. New Snowboard Package
  • Adult Snowboard Package

    Equipment examples

    Mens Snowboard
    Womens Snowboard
    Mens Boot (L) | Womens Boot (R)

    Adult Used Snowboard Package
    Adult New Snowboard Package

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